New Disease

>COBALT, previously known as Damien Mathews. Is a mostly sentient, due to diluted infection, "Hunter". Primarily recognized for his lazy attitude and caution tape. Ordinarily he'd be less inclined to social interaction, but welcomes your questions (or statements) to pass the time in this sickeningly apocalyptic world. Often seen with his partner in zombie crime, HYENA.

Potentially NSFW is an understatement.

Anything within (( )) is considered OOC.

→ L4D(2) fan character property of Nanuka


5 to 50 followers in one day. WAT

((coming from the creator here))

I’m already having A TON of fun with these, and would love to conquer more of your questions as we go along. But I’m at a “stand-still” as far as being in-character goes.

Cobalt/Damien is, well, the essentially genuine douchebag (aside from when he’s with Hyena). And I fear portraying him as described, would play off badly. Cob would frankly think you’re all damn stupid for even bothering stopping by and replies would be FAR more snarky and rude [I’ve kept it pretty tame so far]. <XD;; haha. But I’d rather not everyone think *I* am a jerkwad and don’t appreciate your questions/follows/time.

Not sure if want character accuracy? :E